What our customers are saying:


March 8, 2019

I absolutely love this vitamin c serum. I got visible results same day.
I've never tried anything remotely close to how this makes my skin feel.
My skin absolutely loves it and drinks it up.
It goes on soft. Unlike creams and oils it doesn't leave your skin oily or sticky like some facial creams do. I put on little bit of this serum and it lasts the entire day. Leaving my skin so soft and young looking. I absolutely love THAT. I Love that it is a clean PRODUCT nothing harmful. I highly recommend it.


February 8, 2019

I love this vitamin C serum. I have really dry skin. I can never seem to get enough moisturizer on my skin and it was driving me crazy until I tried this. I'm impressed with the ingredients they use in this product (I think it is something like 5 ingredients that are all natural) and I can't get over how soft my skin feels now. I took photos the first day and I can't wait to see what my skin will look like after a month. If it changed so much in 2 days, I wonder what 30 days would do?


February 7, 2019

What an amazing product. Like nothing I’ve ever used. The aroma, the feel and the effect are all wonderful.

After applying just a few drops on my face and neck, followed by my regular moisturizer, I was delighted to wake up feeling as though my skin was naturally uplifted with absolutely no residue – kind of like how my skin feels after getting a facial or the uplifting after-effects from a facial mask – except without the time, mess or expense! This is my new must-have skin care solution. And it makes me feel great that it’s all natural and the aroma is like a sweet subtle citrus grove.


February 6, 2019


Fantastic product. My skin feels rejuvenated! I highly recommend this product!

I've only been using this Vitamin C Serum on my face for a few days and am absolutely amazed at the results so far. My aging spots are fading, the discoloration from a recent bout of cellulitis is considerably less, and a few rough spots on my skin are becoming smoother. And the fragrance of freshly squeezed oranges whenever I open the bottle is quite refreshing. I would definitely (recommend) this product.


February 6, 2019

I really love it! It absorbs well and smells wonderful. I haven’t noticed it oxidizing which usually happens with other serums, it’s a wonderful product and I’d definitely recommend trying it. Using an antioxidant serum under your daily SPF is so important and this is definitely a good one to use.

I've tried lots of different Vitamin C serums in the past, and this one is by FAR the best! The other serums I have tried get cloudy really quickly (I think it must have to do with oxidation??), but this one is always so clear! I feel so good using this because it feels so fresh! If I'm going on vacation, I just take this, and it works like an all-in-one nighttime serum :)